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Posted - 11th March 2023

I have had quite a few questions in support tickets, so, will answer them here aswell so everyone knows...

Question... Why has your illness affected admin and work on sites but not surfing ?

Answer... Tremors and typing / coding do not mix well together, I spend more time correcting typos than actually typing when the tremors kick in. Clicking to surf and get credits however is not an issue apart from the odd extra bad clicks and wrong captcha icon clicked.

Question... Why are credits slow to be used ?

Answer... Traffic through the Mega rotators has slowed over the previous months, however, once I have made some changes to MY HITS 2 U, finished the activity points system, I will be going on a promotional spree and assigning hundreds of thousands of credits in TE's and mailers to the rotators. Visitors through the rotators will explode to the members URL's who are active starting in about a week from now, so assign credits to sites ready.

I am also not really concerned that credits are stacking up in accounts, as I launch more sites hopefully throughout this year, traffic through the MY HITS 2 U system will see an increase as sites in the MY HITS 2 U system will get visitors from the other sites like the Banner - Textads system were users earn credits viewing MY HITS 2 U system sites.

Question... Why has the raffle system been removed ?

Answer... The Badger Exp system can now be used by free members to get a free upgrade. Upgraded members who also claim the Badger Exp can get either TopSpotAd slot or Badger FUR for claiming the Badger Exp or save the Badger Exp to claim upgrade again when the account downgrades. So, the system is automated completely and replaces the raffle system. I also intend on creating another rewards system in the future to add to all my sites but run externally at another site.

Question... What is the activity points ?

Answer... The activity points system is not yet built nor running, but, will be hopefully in the next few days. If an account runs out of activity points, sites will only show in the MY HITS 2 U surf area. They will not show in the Mega rotators.

I have started work on the activity points system due to some members not responding when other members take bribes and I end up having to get involved. This is from upgraded members who either choose to ignore bribe responses or have become inactive. The activity points system will take care of it and make the system overall more responsive as...

If an account, free or upgraded, runs out of activity points, then...

Sites will no longer show in the rotators, they will only show in the MY HITS 2 U surf area.

Any bribes will no longer show.

Any testimonials will no longer show on the testimonials page and will not show in my testimonials rotator.

Any Top Spot Ads will no longer show.

Any Pro Showcase pages will no longer show.

Any FURS will only show in the MY HITS 2 U surf area and not in rotators.

1 activity point will be deducted each day. If a bribe gets taken, but, not responded to within 3 days, 3 activity points will be automatically deducted by the system.

Activity points will be found in the surf area, or, upgraded members will be able to exchange credits for them to keep accounts active.

As above, I expect to have the activity points up and running in the next few days, I will update this news page when its up and running.

After I have the activity points fully up and running, I will be making some other backend changes, anything important and I will update this news. My todo lists has grown huge, I will be plodding my way through it when my arm tremors are under control and I can manage to do some typing.

Any further questions about the activity points system will be answered on the activity points information page which will be found in the menu when I put the system up and running.

Posted - 10th March 2023

Sorry for the lack of admin again...

This is how my situation has been explained to me by specialist professor... I am having aftershocks from stroke which cause my arm to tremor, unfortunately when it happens, multiple times a day, it flares up the arthritis in my shoulder which then causes pain. My body then reacts to the pain and trys to stock the tremors and movement of arm, which then makes the situation even worse.

However, it seems to be calming down a bit again, but, unfortunately this could turn into a lifelong condition to add to the list of my other health issues.

Anyway... I have ran the raffle systems for the final time as I have now removed them from MY HITS 2 U and from Banner-Textads...

Winners list can be found on the raffle tickets pages from the surfing games page.

If you won a prize for last month, or a previous month, you need to claim it by the 31st March 2023

If you know any of the winners that have not yet claimed a prize, please let them know they must claim by 31st March 2023 as the raffle system will be completely removed.

I have removed the raffle system at MY HITS 2 U as the Badger exp system now runs the rewards system, and all being well. In the coming days I will be adding a similar rewards system to Banner-Textads.

Activity Points...

In the coming days, I will be adding an activity points system to MY HITS 2 U

The reason I am adding an activity points system is that I keep having to get involved in the bribes system. Certain members with bribes in the system are failing to respond when other members take bribes. One member reads the messages that a bribe has been taken and does not respond at all. I have had to step in several times via support tickets to issue the credits.

I will update with full details once I have the whole activity points system details worked out and getting ready to go live on MY HITS 2 U.

Posted - 4th February 2023

Sorry for the lack of admin and such lately... I have just run the raffle systems at My Hits 2 U and Banner-textads. Winners announced on the raffle ticket pages.

I am feeling a lot better, still waiting more tests, but things calming down for me now. Getting back into working on sites at a snails pace. I will post when major updates, changes, launches occur.

Posted - 11th December 2022

Sorry there have been no updates lately, unfortunately a few weeks ago, I started getting bad tremors in my right arm. Tremors and php coding does not work well together so I had to stop on the new badger gems feature which I was working on. I have doctors appt 2moro, hopefully things will get back under control soon and I can continue with coding and working on sites. Until then I am just doing admin several times a day as needed and the odd jobs here and there.

On another note, I have partnered with Gustav and if you are into crypto in any way shape or form, then you should join our new team build. We give crypto randomly to our group / team. You can also get free crypto from the built in faucet. I will be expanding the site over time. More details at...

Posted - 16th November 2022

Late last night, I finished the Badger Badges for upgraded members system, its all been triple checked and all appears to be working well.

If you are an upgraded member, you can now collect Badger Badges whilst surfing and then cash them in for a prize...


1 You will be able to pick from keeping them to use on an upgrade again when your account downgrades.

2 Cash them in for 1 TopSpotAd Slot.

3 Cash them in for 1 FUR.

You can see what the Badger Badges will look like when you have claimed a prize below.

You can find full details from the Surfing Games page.

Badger FURS have been added.

Upgraded members can now add Badger Furs, full details can be found in the upgraded members menu, Pro ADD FUR.

FURS sites go into rotation in all surf areas and MEGA rotators but they use no credits.

Once they are earned or purchased, they stay in your account FOREVER.

FOREVER in rotation, FOREVER getting visitors.

Posted - 15th November 2022

After a cpl of members said they disappointed that they could only collect Badger exp as a free member I have been altering the system. Since yesterday Upgraded members can also collect Badger Exp.

I am currently altering the rest of the system to reflect that upgraded members can now collect Badger Badges, But, its coming with a twist. I am introducing new feature, Badger FURS...

Badger FURS will be (FURS) = Forever Unlimited Rotation Slots. Permanent Sites in the system which use no credits. Full details will be added later today.

Posted - 12th November 2022

Its been driving me nuts when I send a Private message to another member and it gets a response weeks later. It must also be frustrating for members who take an upgraded members bribe, but do not get any response for a few days.

So from this moment on, By ORDER of MY HITS 2 U Admin, if any account has any unread messages, it kicks out of the members area and the message must be at least read until access is allowed back into the members area.

I have also put the above into effect as one of the future features I am working on will require messages to be read and responded to.

Posted - 11th November 2022


Strange things have been happening at Banner-Textads, when some, not all members submit 125x125 images into the system, it strangely puts them into another members account. I have figured out why and should have it fixed today. You may see strange things happening with all images being displayed across all my sites. I am working on it...

Posted - 10th November 2022


Pro Upgraded members can now add a TopSpotAd into the system and it will rotate in the TopSpotAd section at the top of ALL the members pages. Prime Location, Ads will be seen.

Full details can be found from members menu, Upgraded Members / Pro Add TopSpotAd

Posted - 8th November 2022

Bribes system has been updated. Pro members can now add 468x60 banners to display on their bribe listings under their description.

Work on other new features has begun, watch this space...

Exciting times coming ahead...

Posted - 7th November 2022

Heads UP. If you see weird things in the bribe system today / 2moro. I am currently making the following changes to the bribe system. When a bribe is submitted, you can if you wish enter banner URL. The banner will be linked to the link you submit and will show below your bribe description. The required size will be 468x60, any other sizes will be rejected.

I am also working on a few more unique features to add to MY HITS 2 U. 1st one being TOP SPOT ADS, that will rotate at the top of ALL member pages, above the header, in the prime spot. I will post here when its live and completed.

2nd unique feature will be permanent urls in surf and MEGA rotators that will use no credits.

3rd unique feature will be, sorry, keeping this one a secret, its going to explode.

I also have some other changes to make. I will update news here when changes have been made.

Posted - 3rd November 2022

I have had a cpl of members ask about the Pro members MEGA Rotator. Traffic will increase significantly next week as I plan on going on a spending spree and will be purchasing lots of traffic to send into the Pro MEGA rotator. Make sure you have the sites you want promoting submitted to the system ASAP.

I have added a new feature at MY HITS 2 U and changed the OTO login page. The page should be read in full to understand the unique features.

I have also rebuilt the members area, free and upgraded members now get steps that show on the members home page. You should follow the steps to get the most out of your membership.

Introducing Badger Badges...

 Unique Feature Badger Badges 


I have added a way so that FREE members can get upgraded for FREE.

Collect the Badger Badges whilst surfing and earn a FREE FULL 1 month Upgrade.

Full details on the Surf Games page in the members area at MY HITS 2 U

Posted - 29th October 2022

Wow, time flies, been over a week since last news update...

As you have probably noticed, i have been a busy bee, I have been making changes throughout MY HITS 2 U.

The menu is now easier to get around and functionality is now greatly improved.

I have also spent days now reworking the testimonial system and basically totally rebuilt it.

Upgraded members can now submit a testimonial into the system, the testimonial once approved will display on the testimonials page…

But, now, this is were it gets really interesting and becomes very powerful…

Pro members who take the time to submit a testimonial also add one of their highly recommended sites and site title, the link and title displays under their testimonial on the testimonials page. PLUS…

I have turned it into a splashtestimonial system, once a testimonial has been approved, you get given access to a splashtestimonial page which you can promote if you like. It has your testimonial, your MY HITS 2 U referral link embedded in it and your highly recommended link and title on it.

I have also built its own splashtestimonial rotator, which I will be submitting to the likes of harvest coop and other places which I cannot add my mega rotator to in the next few days.

View a random splashtestimonial at the link below…

Click it again to see another.

If you are an upgraded member, you can now add your testimonial into the system, you will find the link in menu under Account / ADD Testimonial.

Or, if you are logged in, go to….

Happy, Promotions…

Lots more to do in the following days, total rework of all pages coming up...

Watch this space...

Posted - 18th October 2022

I have added FoodGame purchases back into the system. You can now buy upgrades / buy credits for MyHits2u and Banner-Textads in the FoodGame Partner shop. If you wish to use FoodGame gold to buy at ViralMailBlasting. Read the instructions within the purchase area at ViralMailBlasting.

Due to that I had to take some time offline due to illness and that some members still bought upgrades whilst the sites where not monitored. I decided to honour ALL previous purchases from the start.

If you purchased at ANY of my sites, since launch, you will find that your accounts have been upgraded again and if you purchased credits, more have been added.

As far as I am aware, I have honoured ALL purchases, if you feel that it has not been done, Send a support ticket.

Posted - 17th October 2022

This is the new hub for all my sites news. At the bottom of this page you can still access old news for each individual site if you wish.

I have been asked about traffic through MyHits2u MEGA rotator. When I was ill, I redirected most of traffic from TE's and mailers to some funnel pages rather than them go to nothing. I plan on starting to send it ALL back through the MEGA rotators starting Wednesday / Thursday. Make sure you have all the sites you want visitors sent to added and credits assigned before then.

Yesterday I ran the raffle systems. Unfortunately had to do them manually as the system crashed not knowing what month it was. I have disabled and removed the raffle auto assign if not claimed within previous month and prizes now have to be claimed via support ticket. I issued prizes via random generator. The next raffle will be drawn on 1st November. The raffle will then hopefully be moved next month to its own dedicated site to manage claims from all my sites. FoodGame gold will then be added back in as prizes.

Site terms and add site terms have been altered, COOPS and Rotators are now allowed as per new terms.

Posted - 16th October 2022

FG Added, COOPS & Rots.

The FoodGame play icons have been added back to both MyHits2u and Banner-Textads. If you play the FoodGame you can now get ya fix. I will get them upgraded to premium again in the following weeks and get them back as delicious entries, Spicy sites and setup some Appetizers. I will get upgrades and credits able to be purchased through FG in the coming days.

I am planning on sorting out and running all the previous months raffle systems later, but for the time being I will be removing FoodGame gold as prizes for the raffle. Due to that I have none.

I have plans to build a site to house the raffle systems at, All going well I will have it built in the coming weeks, I will then put back FoodGame Gold prizes back into the raffle systems... Coming soon...

COOPS & Rots.

Hence forth, COOPS & Rotators are now allowed in MyHits2u surf and rotators. All sites in rotators must comply with the other terms. The site and terms will be altered later to reflect this change.

Changes to news systems.

I will be removing all other news systems from sites and will be using this as the new hub for ALL news for ALL sites.

Posted - 14th October 2022

Sorry, Sites coming back online.

Unfortunately several months ago I got ill with Covid / Pneumonia complication which led to me also having a stroke.

After a cpl of months in hospital and me not being able to do any admin due to that I had lost control of my right arm, I took the decision to temporarily shut my sites down.

Months later and I feel I am now in a position to start putting my sites back online and dealing with the daily admin for them.

Over the coming days, I will get all my sites back to fully functioning again and get caught up with any admin that needs doing for them.

Please bear with me whilst I get caught back up with things and make some changes to the systems.

I will post updates in here when any major changes have been made.

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